What Makes Jacinda Ardern Different as a Prime Minister?

Image result for Prime Minister Jacinda ArdernThe Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern stands as a great role model for all future moms and pregnant women of her country. Being the third woman to run the country and the youngest Prime Minister in the history of New Zealand, Ardern already stands out among other leaders of the world. Recently, Jacinda Ardern became even more popular since she is expected to give birth in June 2018. During her speeches in House of Representatives, Ardern was giving an image of a successful and hard-working woman.

This image itself became the source of motivation for success and resilience for all women of New Zealand. After seeing Ardern not leaving her office until the last day that she can physically work, the women of New Zealand and Australia became even more passionate and motivated for their capabilities and status within society. Here is a short list of reasons why Jacinda Ardern became so popular among New Zealander and Australian women, and how she has changed the image of pregnant women.

Meet the New Role Model of Women in New Zealand: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern

After taking the office over in October 2017, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern consolidated her popularity in New Zealand even more. Here is a quick list for why and how she stands as a role model especially for New Zealand women and moms:

  • As a leader, Ardern created a great influence on New Zealand women to follow their dreams and achieve their projects in life.
  • Ardern proved that it is possible for women to run the country and stand the pregnancy conditions at the same time.
  • Prime Minister Ardern introduced a woman perception into the politics which cared for national and international issues.
  • Tacking climate change, eradicating child poverty and improving the living standards of most vulnerable people of New Zealand were among her agenda.