Welcome to the World of Sports in New Zealand

Image result for new zealand sportNew Zealand is a country with a broad perspective on human health and sports. For New Zealanders, there is a direct and strong relationship between staying healthy and doing sports regularly all year long. Therefore New Zealand offers a great variety of sport activities and distinct opportunities both for tourists, international visitors, and New Zealanders.

The sports activities in New Zealand can be categorized into two: national sports and outdoor sports. Due to state investments in sports activities and New Zealand government efforts, the number of sports venues, stadiums, and complexes which are in public use increase year by year. In this way, the New Zealander youth and children are able to get affiliated with sports clubs more. In addition to sports saloons, venues and various indoor complexes, New Zealand offers a great geography for those who are in love with outdoor sports. The mountains, lakes, rivers, plateaus, forests and nature protection sites call everyone to come and enjoy the natural opportunities that are offered for extreme sports lovers or outdoor sports fans.

The recently updated categories of sports opportunities in New Zealand are briefly listed and described below.

New Zealand Offers More Than You Can Imagine

Due to its unique geographical position and geological richness, New Zealand offers new and updated sports activities for those who seek for adrenalin and risk. The outdoor activities and extreme sports drive people’s attention on New Zealand from all over the world. Here is a short and updated list of sports activities that you can find in New Zealand:

  • National Sports: This category is continuously supported by New Zealand government, especially in the form of public services. New Zealander kids are encouraged to do national sports at public schools. Among the national sports of New Zealand, there are rugby, cricket, netball, touch rugby, and polo.
  • Outdoor Sports: Cycling, yachting, hiking, trekking, ski and snowboard, scuba diving, bungee jumping, paragliding, surfing, and kayaking.