The Common Memorial of Three Countries: New Zealand, Australia and Turkey

Image result for The Common Memorial of Three Countries: New Zealand, Australia and TurkeyAll year long, people highlight some important days to celebrate or remember due to historical achievements or losses. The solidarity and commitment among the society are seen to be strengthened on such days in comparison with the rest of the year. The calendars show a specific day which can be crucially important and emotional for three distant countries at the same time: Anzac Day. For New Zealanders and Australians, Anzac Day Anzac Day is such an important day that all members of both societies mourn for the losses they had in 1915 in Turkey, the country at the other edge of the world. Many people from Australia and New Zealand make their preparations weeks earlier than the 25th of April and arrive at this far away country, Turkey, to mourn for their ancestors and troops that were lost on the battlefield.

After Hundred Years The Memories are Still Alive

Recently, the number of people who show an interest in joining the commemoration ceremony that is organized in Turkey has increased significantly. Especially New Zealander and Australian youngsters have begun to show additional interest on their common history and ancestors.

According to updated information on the tours to Turkey for Anzac Day, Australian and New Zealander youth prefer going to Gelibolu, Turkey earlier and stay there for more than a week while using camping facilities that are offered by Turkish people.

The Anzac Day commemoration ceremony takes place at the dawn of 25th of April. The public from Australia, New Zealand and also Turkey hold candles in their hands until the dawn and they chant together for their common losses.

Current Trips to Turkey

Currently, there are no direct flights from Australia or New Zealand to Turkey, however, with a possible layover in the UAE or Qatar, the airline trip takes around 22-25 hours. There are several New Zealander and Australian travel agencies which can take people to Turkey for Anzac Day.