Recent Offers from New Zealand: Totally Free and Rare in Experience

When traveling to Oceania, people are much more scared due to prices offered in several expensive regions of Australia and New Zealand. Joining to local tours, exploring natural beauties of Australia and New Zealand, tasting the local food and wine, going for hiking and trekking or booking a specific sports class from extreme sports or outdoor sports might be quite demanding in terms of finances. However, there are always backpackers and international tourists visiting Oceania with lower budgets or restricted financial capabilities. How is that possible to spend so little money and be able to explore all parts of New Zealand from far north to the south island, from Christchurch to Auckland? We have gathered the answers to these questions in this article.

What is New: Cheaper Options are Available in New Zealand Now

Image result for Cape ReingaUnlike Australia, New Zealand is offering international guests and backpackers an elusive opportunity to travel all around the country with a restricted budget. It might be impossible to travel to Australia if you are coming from an underdeveloped or developing country. But if you are traveling to New Zealand, nothing is impossible anymore. Here is a short list of activities that you can do with so little money or totally free while enjoying the natural beauties of New Zealand:

  • Watching The Meeting Point of Oceans: At Cape Reinga, you can see the intersection point of the Tasman Sea and the Pacific Ocean. You will see the battle of two waters to win over each other.
  • Visiting Kerosene Creek Hot Springs: Rather than the transportation cost, you will have no other side costs to enjoy this natural beauty.
  • Laying Down in Hot Pools and Hot Water Beach: It is very easy to reach this place from Auckland and you don’t need to pay for anything rather than transportation. Enjoy the hot water pools.
  • Canterbury Stargazing: If you are interested in astronomy, then you should visit this spot for free.