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Maori Culture, Whanganui River and New Zealand: What is Happening?

For the first time in the world, a very well developed country in the international political arena grants personal and legal rights to a river, which is normally accepted as a geographical formation and an abiotic entity. How did this

Jump into the World of Scuba with New Diving Sites of NZ

Being an island country, New Zealand offers spectacular opportunities for licensed scuba divers from all over the world. All year long, scuba divers visit New Zealand for elusive diving sites and cheaper opportunities in increasing the number of dives in

How Important is the Idea of Climate Change for New Zealand?

The adverse impacts of climate change are observed especially on the small island countries and the countries with larger coastlines in the form of sea level rise, unexpected rains and storms and tremendous wind. As a developed country, New Zealand

Great News for Powerball Fans and Lottery Addicts

Years of office work and corporate life encourage people to look for something different which can make them get excited again. Taking a great chance on lotto games and dreaming of projects or plans that are greater than monthly savings

Recent Offers from New Zealand: Totally Free and Rare in Experience

When traveling to Oceania, people are much more scared due to prices offered in several expensive regions of Australia and New Zealand. Joining to local tours, exploring natural beauties of Australia and New Zealand, tasting the local food and wine,

How to Increase Your Chances of Winning the Lottery in New Zealand?

Among the routine of daily life, everyone dreams about a big money which can make all dreams come true. This is no different in New Zealand. Besides, the number of people who are taking their chances on lottery games and

Using Your One Last Chance and Moving to New Zealand

New Zealand is a wealthy and developed country which mainly depends on the service sector and tourism revenues. Among the other nations of the world, the citizens of New Zealand are listed among the happiest people of the world. Many

New Zealand Grants Personal Rights to Natural Entities

New Zealand is worldwide famous for her natural beauties and elusive Maori culture that the country tends to preserve. In 2017, New Zealand became the first country ever to grant legal and personal rights to Whanganui River in the North

The Common Memorial of Three Countries: New Zealand, Australia and Turkey

All year long, people highlight some important days to celebrate or remember due to historical achievements or losses. The solidarity and commitment among the society are seen to be strengthened on such days in comparison with the rest of the

Waka Odyssey and New Zealand Festival 2018

New Zealand Festival is the most famous event in the country which depicts the solidarity and commitment among the society while reflecting on the intersection of different cultures and influences. Each year New Zealanders wait for this festival with a