New Zealand Grants Personal Rights to Natural Entities

Image result for Maori CultureNew Zealand is worldwide famous for her natural beauties and elusive Maori culture that the country tends to preserve. In 2017, New Zealand became the first country ever to grant legal and personal rights to Whanganui River in the North Island. Just like Whanganui River, New Zealand now grants personal and legal rights to a mountain, a geographical formation, and a natural beauty.

Maori Culture and Mount Taranaki

Eight Maori tribes were negotiating with the New Zealand government to get personal and legal rights for the Mount Taranaki. The main reason for this long-lasting negotiation is that Maori culture accepts rivers, mountains, hills, trees, lakes and all the members of the habitat as separate living beings which continue to exist within a given natural harmony. That is why the preservation and wellbeing of a mountain are as important as a human being’s life.

Repercussions of these long-lasting negotiations between Maori tribes and New Zealand government revealed that Mount Taranaki Mount Taranaki has a specific importance not only for Maori tribes and indigenous people but also for urban New Zealanders, living at various locations of the North Island.

What Happens When Mount Taranaki Receives Personal Rights and Legal Protection?

Mount Taranaki is accepted as a member of Maori family, therefore a certain number of guardians are assigned from eight Maori tribes to take care and protect Mount Taranaki from external harm and possible negative impacts of climate change. If someone abuses or harms Mount Taranaki, that person will be punished as if he/she committed to this crime against a human being.

Where is Mount Taranaki?

Mount Taranaki is on the west coast of North Island. As a dormant volcanic mountain, Mount Taranaki is very famous among New Zealanders. Mount Taranaki is measured to be 120,000 years old while still being the perfect destination of backpackers for volcano hiking in New Zealand. Mount Taranaki has not erupted since 1775.