How Important is the Idea of Climate Change for New Zealand?

Image result for Idea of Climate Change for New ZealandThe adverse impacts of climate change are observed especially on the small island countries and the countries with larger coastlines in the form of sea level rise, unexpected rains and storms and tremendous wind. As a developed country, New Zealand received her share from the cake when it comes to dealing with climate change. The expression of ”dealing” stands for New Zealand government’s actions and bills to combat the possible impacts of climate change on natural assets and citizens. Scientific facts, the comments from university professors and the testimonials of New Zealand citizens upon the daily difficulties that they face with due to climate change, all need to be considered in taking the necessary steps against climate change.

Why is it so Important to take Action against Climate Change in New Zealand?

New Zealand is a country mostly relying on the tourism revenues and profits out of service sector. Luckily not relying on industrial production as the major sector, New Zealand successfully protects her natural heritage and living environment. However, all natural beauties and ecosystem richness are under the threat of extinction or irreversible harm due to climate change. New information gathered on this topic highlights the facts about the climate change in New Zealand and warns citizens about the possible outcome. Here is a short list of these recent warnings for New Zealanders:

  • In the Southern Hemisphere, Wellington holds the record for continuous production of CO2. The CO2 emissions should be decreased significantly in Wellington.
  • The seasons are changing and the climate is getting warmer. Last time that New Zealand had a real cold winter was in 1909. Therefore New Zealand needs to stop the temperatures from getting warmer.
  • All scientists of New Zealand are quite certain that climate change is either human involved process, which should also be stopped by humans.
  • Tropic borders of the world is expanding, which is a danger for the biodiversity of New Zealand