Enjoy Italian Perspectives with Cinema Italiano Festival in New Zealand

Related imageYou don’t need to go to Italy in order to enjoy the vibrations coming from the Italian coasts of Europe. New Zealand brings Italian culture and Italian perspectives into the white screens of theaters all around the country. New Zealanders and international guests can see the feature films and short films within the scope of the festival. Organized with strong community commitment and enlarged with the high interest of the audience, Cinema Italiano Cinema Italiano offers you a great opportunity which you can welcome scripts, landscapes, stories, artists and various camera angles from Sardines, Rome, Tuscany, Florence, and Venice.

How Cinema Italiano Contributes to New Zealand Society

There are many valuable aspects that Cinema Italiano adds to the perspectives and mentalities that New Zealanders bring to the film industry. Here is a short list of how this festival contributes to New Zealand society as a whole:

  • The movies of Cinema Italiano are shown in several places and venues in all New Zealand. This situation is quite the opposite in other international film festivals that are organized and hosted in New Zealand.
  • The festival offers unique pieces of Italian films in Wellington, Arrowtown & Wanaka, Auckland, Christchurch, Nelson, Tauranga, Hawke’s Bay, Matakana and Waiheke Island. Therefore, a broad range of audience is offered same opportunity to join the festival and get involved in various activities such as panels, discussions, exhibitions and special screenings.
  • The relationship between Italian society and New Zealand society is strengthened with this cultural exchange, therefore new opportunities for New Zealanders to see and understand the European culture are created.
  • New Zealanders can feel closer to European culture with the social impact of the festival. In this way, New Zealanders would not feel remote and distant from the other parts of the world.
  • 2018 Festival Movies: Let Yourself Go!, Fortunata, Wife and Husband, Tenerezza, Pure Hearts, Sicilian Ghost Story, Ignorance is Bliss, Indivisible, It’s the Law and the Coffee

Enjoy the festival!

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