Emerging Sports in New Zealand

Image result for Emerging Sports in New ZealandEmerging sports are growing among New Zealander youth. Due to the increasing use of internet 16-year-old youngsters are becoming more influenced by the newly emerging sports from all over the world. Due to New Zealand’s impressive geography and position on the World map, many conveners and organizations are eager to organize sports tournaments in New Zealand. In this way, New Zealander youth is getting highly influenced by newly emerging sports, especially from the United States, Australia, and UK.

What is Interesting About Newly Developing Sports in New Zealand?

The research on sports activities and the participants of these activities reveal that New Zealander youth has a greater tendency towards individualistic sports rather than team sports. The 16-year-old range displays a greater tendency to get involved with newly emerging sports while using gym and fitness saloons for their individual well being. National sports are practiced more among the middle-aged New Zealanders.

Here is a recent list of newly emerging sports which are becoming popular among New Zealander youth and new generation:

  • Adventure Racing: With its growing popularity, adventure racing is one of the most practiced sports among the secondary level school children of New Zealand. Increasing number of students have started to represent their schools in adventure racing. The number of secondary school children who practice adventure racing is around 2300 by 2018.
  • Baseball: With a great influence from the United States, the number of New Zealanders playing baseball increase annually. Baseball as a team sport requires individuals to show and apply personal skills, therefore NZ youngsters prefer playing baseball more than national sports.
  • Badminton: Practiced as an individual and team sport, badminton is becoming more popular.
  • Lacrosse: This stick and the ballgame is increasing its popularity among New Zealander youngsters aging between 20-30 as well.
  • Rugby Sevens: Around 5400 kids are playing rugby sevens at secondary school level while representing their schools. Rugby Sevens become more popular after recent Olympics.