Discover Maori Culture in New Zealand

Image result for Discover Maori Culture in New ZealandComing from the different edges of the world, recently, the visitors and tourists are paying more attention to Maori culture and its practices. Quite different to the daily practices of urban cities and mentalities of developed regions of the world, Maori culture opens the doors of magical realism, and you cannot understand where the fiction starts and where it ends.

Recently, visitors from Japan, Australia, Turkey, Europe, the United States and the UK, are visiting New Zealand more often. The participants of the local events and cultural events, mainly prefer to explore more about Maori culture and its ancient practices.

Recent Practices of Maori Culture Offered in New Zealand

Once visitors arrive in New Zealand, most of them appear to be interested in knowing more about Maori culture while understanding the philosophy behind many daily practices of the indigenous Maori people. Here are some awe-inspiring and breathtaking cultural activities examples.

  • Visiting Marae Places: In order to see traditional places for Maori people, you need to visit Marae. They are the most likely examples of dwellings and households where Maori people practice their daily routines. You can start exploring Maori culture from here.
  • Watching Haka Dance: People are introduced with Haka dance on the TV, but seeing it with your owns eyes, and dancing along with this wild rhythm is something else. You can watch Haka dance as Maori people are demonstrating it as an ancient war dance. Be ready to be wild!
  • Sing Along with Kapa Haka: Unlike Haka dance, Kapa Haka is another traditional dance which includes chanting and softer rhythms, representing Maori daily life. You can watch indigenous people or representatives dancing Kapa Haka, and you can have fun and sing the songs along with them.
  • Joining for Purakau: If you want to listen to the legends of Maori and experience their own geographies while trekking and camping, then you should definitely join a Purakau- legendary trekking route.