Current Policies from PM Ardern: Focussed, Empathetic and Strong

As a highly influential political figure, Prime Minister Ardern introduces new bills and implements her agenda to improve the living standards of New Zealander people. There are some critical issues that Prime Minister Ardern pays special attention to. These topics include creating a better and brighter future for New Zealander children, improving the current physical conditions and economic capabilities of vulnerable people of New Zealand, and raising awareness as well as applying policies to tackle climate change as a global problem.

Image result for The Future of Our Land: Tackling Climate ChangeThe Future of Our Land: Tackling Climate Change

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern recognizes climate change as a real phenomenon and she wants to raise awareness among New Zealander society on this issue. Foreseeing, measuring and mitigating the adverse impacts of climate change on New Zealand is declared to be a top priority by her government. Launching energy policies that are harmonious with nature and sustainable for the future, supporting energy efficient and cost-reducing mitigation and compensation measures are among her agenda for tackling climate change.

The Future of Our Children: Education and Health

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern puts special attention on child poverty and education of New Zealand’s children. According to her own words, eradicating child poverty was her main motivation when she first entered the world of politics. Currently, around one-third of New Zealand’s children, approximately 300,000, are living below the poverty line. To combat this problem, PM Ardern introduces child wellbeing policies which include giving families assistance and financial help in raising their children while increasing the duration of the paid parental leave.

Raising Up the Living Conditions for Vulnerable People of New Zealand

Boosting the economy and creating an egalitarian economic system are believed to help to raise the living standards of most vulnerable groups in New Zealand. In 2018 budget, there is a strong emphasis on social policy which includes more housing available for vulnerable people and an extra budget for schools and hospitals